Monday, April 23, 2012

Meeting Veronica

We now have two cars in the family,
here is "Veronica the $1000 Volvo."
We waited to see the boys' reaction...

Tanji arrived first, tentatively circling his prey.

A quick tail wiggle and Tanji is on his way
to check out all of his favorite spots.

Here come Uschi...

For meeeeee???


I can't admire my reflection in the hood.

Ah a clean window, that's better.

The prettiest hood ornament possible.

Here comes Vladi...

 For meeeeee?


 Is anybody in there?

Another level to explore...

Vladi is super-excited and talking up a storm.

 Did you guys see this?  I found a car!

What do you mean, its not for me?



Silvia said...

no no, vlad, this is miiiine!!! desperately in need of a car, this handsome veronica would made it indeed - especially with you, ush ot tanji as hood ornament.

the purrrfect cat-car, with lots of playing space in the rear!

Bonnie said...

Ooooooh, I want me one of them there hood ornaments!

Bengal Lady said...

Don't let the boys watch the Toonces' videos and get any ideas.