Friday, August 03, 2007

Deluxe Hot Cats Catnip Toy

The boys have been so helpful with getting the
Bengalized Studio Store up and running,
so we got them a special present.

A Deluxe Hot Cats Catnip Toy
from Full Circle Herb Co. Marcola, OR.

This toy is pretty intense !!! When we took it out of the plastic bag, the boys immediately zoomed in. The scent of fresh Organic Catnip soon filled even my nose, the entire room smelled like fresh tea.

Uschi got to the toy first and started kicking and licking.

Tanji arrived seconds later,

grabbed the free end,

and chomped down.

Uschi tried to hold on,...

but T is winding up and pulls the toy free.

Hey, that was my toy

Come on Tanj, share with Uschi,...

Too late, T's feet are into it.

That's okay,...

Uschi is stoned
and just laid there motionless.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Great series of photos, and the vantage point shows off the boys' coats so well. They're simply gorgeous!!