Friday, August 31, 2007

Time To Clean

Wake me up when this place is cleaned up!

Recently our house has spiraled into a state of total messiness. This has happened before, but now we have to get everything tidied up before little Vladimir comes home. We did the same thing before Tanj & Usch came home, thinking any stray object could be a potential toy or safety hazard. T&U turned out to be disinterested in our goodies (or garbage), so we've gotten pretty lax in leaving things lying around. Time to clean up! Of course T&U are ready to "help"...

This tub looks dirty, look at all of those pawprints...

Uschi "patiently" waits for his blankets...

Tanj investigates some of the goodies we have set out for Vladi...

Uschi wants to keep this toy for himself.

Here is where the big boys eat...

and here is Vladi's new dining area
(like Tanj and Usch won't be head first in these bowls!)

Vladi's new hangout

Most of the articles we have read suggest that a new cat have his own room and that he acclimates slowly into the household over a week or more. Well living in a one room house is going to make this a bit difficult. We do have a bathroom, but that is T&U's indoor litter box room and they love to drink out of the tub, and the sliding door is heavy and a potential hazard. So, we are going to be watching the boys VERY closely, not leaving them alone together for the next few weeks.

Why is our portable kennel getting cleaned??

The sad truth is that we don't "deep clean" the house very often, so once we started moving furniture to vacuum, the boys immediately knew something was up. Usually we do a thorough cleaning before we have visitors, i.e. not very often. After vacuuming we were watching TV, and when there was knocking on the show, Tanj dove for cover under the ottoman thinking that visitors had arrived at the door...

Time to comfort Tanji...

You will always be our best
brown-spotted tabby bengal!

Tanj is probably thinking
"As long as we don't have any visitors, I'm O.K."

Uschi is as calm as ever, of course this may be
the calm before the summer snow storm >:-)

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