Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy Bengal Cat Day

Today is a big day for us, Tanj and Uschi are 18 months old, and one birthday a year for them is just not enough. Thus, "Bengal Cat Day" to give us another day dedicated to the boys. We are also launching our Bengalized Studio Store where we can showcase our paintings and photos. We have been thinking up ways to celebrate with the boys...

Of course, the boys needed another cake...

Yeah! Another excuse to get a cake
(as if we need one, our fabulous
Safeway bakery is on the way home).

Tanj's ears are saying: "Oh great, another cake."

Uschi's response is almost exactly the same.

We try a piece of cake next to the "sleeping" Tanj...

Tanj pets the cake gently.

His ears are at high alert.
"This may be a trick, all I really
wanted were glitterballs."

Here you go, Tanj!


This glitterball is not long for this world.
It will most likely join the smooshed
"glitterball graveyard" by the food bowls.

Where's Uschi!

"Here I am, someone forgot to open my Fancy Feast!

"I want THESE!" nuzzle, nuzzle

"NOW, please!"

Happy Bengal Cat Day!

The Bengalized Studio Store is Open

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Daisy said...

Happy Bengal Cat Day!!! It is very cute how gently Tanji is petting the cake.

lowenfels said...

I just want to let you both know that I have been visiting this blog from time to time for the last few months. It's awesome the time and effort you put into capturing all of the moments with your two bengals, they are so beautiful and sweet. Thanks for brightening up my day many times too.