Thursday, August 30, 2007

Securing The Boys

The boys' kennel is made out of a tough polypropylene deer fence. The stuff works great but we wanted to have metal fencing along the bottom for added security from the outside, inside, and the weed-whacker (i.e. me). The first thing I had to do was to clear away all the brush along the fence.

Daaaad, what are you doing?

Then I dug along the fence so I could
bury the metal fence a little. Later,

Uschi helps,

by investigating the trench

as does Tanji.

What ?

This trench is good for running.

Finally the new fencing is in and backfilled.

You can hardly see it.

I also reworked the fence by the window,

and now the view into the kennel
from inside the house is like you are at the zoo.

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