Thursday, January 17, 2008


A rainbow between down pours.

Our stormy weather broke the other day,
and we were treated to

a vibrant rainbow.

The rain droplets dripped off the trees while

Canadian Geese honked over head.

Vladi and Tanji stalked together
in some frost covered grass.

Lesley picked up Uschi, who cried
Vladi came running to investigate.

U and V check out the tomato cages.

Back inside,

Contented Uschi

and Vladi sit in the window cat tree.

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Black Cat said...

Beautiful pictures, as always:) xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow.. a perfect arc rainbow and then a double in the next pic ! and how big the Vladiator is becoming. he's going to out-huge his brothers soon !
do the geese land at yr 'pond' ?

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

The geese have not landed at our pond or on our property. The neighboring large, wide open green grass fields are more of a draw for them, unfortunately.

Vladi is growing but his body structure appears like it is going to be smaller than T & U's. He is thick and plush, but his frame is pretty small.

Daisy said...

That sure is a pretty rainbow.