Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow Battles

Vladi was slip-slidin' on the snow dusted ice,

having a total ball,

when he

spotted, long leg-ed skinny-boy Tanji
trotting across the frozen pond.

do you want to play with me ???

Let's wrestle.

Tanji turns,

kicks up his heels, and

makes his getaway.

T accelerates as V slips,

T slows a bit and V catches up,...

T accelerates again,
and gets a little gap,... but

abruptly slows again,...

Vladi puts on the brakes,...
It is not a good idea
to lock-up the wheels on ice,...

Vladi loses control

and slides into Tanji,...

who takes off again.

HEY !!!
Do you want to play with me ?


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Black Cat said...

Oh, another set of gorgeous photos - I almost feel I was there! Uschi looks on as if to say, "What? Are they mad? Am I going to join in? I don't know..." Such fun:) xxx

Anonymous said...

hi guyz -- i cannot believe those snsow pics -- keep going back and enjoying and laughing and gasping. wonderful. not wishing you any bad weather, but, i hope you have a lot more snow to take pictures in this winter : )
xx&oo maxcat