Friday, January 25, 2008

Snowy Evening

It has been really cold for us, with days only reaching around 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Yesterday it started snowing while we were at work, it was so cold that the snow came down as big soft flurries instead of sleet or hail. When we got home, it was later than we usually take the boys outside, but the snow accumulating on the ground was bright enough to take the boys out for a quick trip into the winter wonderland. At first all three ran around the house, excited to be out in the snow...

Vladi and Uschi touch bases
under the cover of the roof overhang.

Vladi is standing on the drier grass, and he has
had enough of the cold, so he heads to the front
door and sits down until we let him back inside.

The big boys are still doing fast loops around the house
as the snow steadily falls to the ground.

Tanji zooms one way...

and Uschi zooms another way.

Vladi is watching from a kennel perch,
standing on a spot not covered in snow.

The snow is coming down harder.

Tanji gives a final run around the house and
then heads to the kennel door to be let back inside.

Uschi is sniffing everything, and is
sprinkled with snowflakes.

Where are you going Uschi?

His tail and leash disappear around the corner...

Uschi is having a great time, so we
head out further into the snowy night.

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