Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Grass Is Greener

The grass is truly greener on the other side of our fence.

Early in December I woke and decided I "needed" to replace the fence along the west side of our property. There were several reasons for this; 1) the fence line was 10'-20' inside the property line, 2) we have planted many trees along the property line outside of the fence, which makes it harder to water them, 3) the old fence wasn't straight, and 4) the old fence had a large grid pattern that the boys could easily jump through, if they wanted, not that they wanted to.

I set out pulling down the old fence, freeing it from all of the blackberries, pulling the posts, moving the posts and installing the new fence. About three weeks and a bit over 2500 feet of new fence later and I had gone all the way around the property. I just get going with something and well, I keep going. A friend's quick calculation of property "reclaimed" to our side of the fence, revealed that we got back a bit over a half acre of land and all the perimeter trees are now easily accessible.

One cool thing is that everything I put out on the road with a "FREE" sign on it goes away. I hauled all 2500 feet of the old tangled fence, out to the road and within 3 hours it was all gone. A little white truck was spotted driving slowly down the road with big rolls of fence piled high.

"One man's junk is another man's treasure." >;-)

The new fence line is straight, and now

all of the little conifers are now back on "our side."

What is this ?

I'm not sure,...

Wow, it goes way down there,...

Dad,.... look at all the "new" yard,...

Tanji has had several run-ins with the old west fence line.
He learned that he was not to go through the fence, and would
walk up to it, sniff it, yell at it, but still stay on our side.

So, with the new fence being installed in a new location,
Tanji's true wild personality surfaced. He is not
very good with change/new things.

When he first saw the fence, he meowed wildly then ran home.
He did this several days in a row. Finally,

Lesley "dragged" him out to the fence, he was scared.

He stared at it,...

and yelled at it.

then he backed up and sprayed one of the conifers.

Tanji is our only boy who sprays, luckily only outside
to mark the border of his "territory." It is pretty funny to
watch because his tail goes straight up and vibrates wildly.

After a few more trips, Tanji has made peace
with the new fence; he's a cat who understands
that the grass is greener wherever home is.

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Anonymous said...

Is the neighbor's yard greener because it is a lawn?

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

We are surrounded by grass-seed fields. At this time of the year they are big lush lawns. Soon the grass will be 3+ feet tall and turn brown.