Sunday, March 16, 2008

Family Feathers

Vladi has appeared all licky and purry, he wants:
A. Food
B. Petties
C. Walkies
D. Feathers

The purring and licking hasn't worked, so
he's sitting tall and giving little meows.
"I want....."


Vladi chases the feathers for a while and then
its time for his brothers to have a turn...

Would you like to play Tanji?

Cowabunga! Its Super-Vladi!

Let's try that again.
Here are your feathers Tanji...

Plunk (the couch shook a little),
Mine, all mine!!

Vladi is leaving, its finally your turn Tanji...


Tanji is being very patient, he is the fastest
kitty when he wants to be.

Tanji gets a hold of the feathers...

Watch out for the little energetic fur ball!

Uschi has been waiting "patiently" for his turn...

Would you like to play too Uschi?

Happy Uschi holds onto his prey as he
keeps an eye out for T & V.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hooray! We guessed right! Fev-vers! We love them too! My, you are all just esquisite kitties!