Saturday, March 01, 2008

Vladi's Cat Show - Round One


This morning we woke up early and
prepared to head to the cat show. We
were already all packed up,

Uschi did a final check for us,...

I'd like to go too,...

Vladi, Lesley, & I got in the car and were off.

Quiet, relaxed, little Vladi went nuts,...

Meow, meow, MEOWWWW !!

I'm not happy about this !!


This is not my idea of fun!

Finally parked,...

at the cat show,

we met up with Kelli, unloaded, and

set-up in the event hall.

Kelli showed two cats
(Jungle Jack & Catalina)

Vladi got settled in,

But he was stressed, the vision of a
fun day for him wasn't materializing.

He yelled, hissed, and batted at Kelli !

These are behaviors we had never seen
from this little sweet boy.

We took Vladi on several walks

before the show began,

we were all a bit stressed.

Round #1
(ring #3)

Vladi wasn't sure about all of this,...

he hissed and growled at first,

but was actually a good little boy, and

V-man placed second "Bengal Alter" in the ring.

The tension began to lift...

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1 comment:

Daisy said...

I think that would make me very, very, very nervous, too. Congratulations to Vladi for settling down and placing second. Way to go!