Sunday, March 02, 2008

Vladi Cat Show - Finale

The morning of Vladi's cat show debut started with
quite a bit of howling in the car, and growling and hissing
as we set up, but once the judging started,
his good nature re-emerged...

Between judging rounds, Vladi sat "relaxed"
with the door to his show kennel open,

watching the other cats and spectators walk past.

Can I go over to visit the other Bengals?

No ?...

Okay then, I'll just

curl up in your lap...

and sleep !!!

This was pretty amazing, as Vladi is not typically a
lap cat at home. He became kind of a spectacle
at the show because the cats typically stay resting in
their cages unless traveling to and from judging rings,
and Vladi was content to snuggle in our laps instead.

The family happily sat and watched the event.

A few judging rings later,...

and another second place,...

Yeah they like me,...

Back to sitting...

and watching the world go by.

I'm lookin' fine!

Which toy are you going to pick ?

Oh that one. What else do you have?

Lunch break, then...

back in the lap for a nap.

Shhhhh, this is special.

Look at meeeee.


I like that toy.
(and we love that long neck!)

I'm CUTE !!

Vladi has had a lot of excitement...

and is starting to get pretty tired...

and a little grumpy.

You better write down a good score for me!

That's enough for me,
I'm happy to stay in mom's lap now.

Vladi was amazing.
He sat in our laps all day, relaxed and content. He didn't seem
phased by people walking past, getting close, or even petting him.

We are so proud of our little V-man!

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emiliethestrange said...

2nd place in bengal alter and 2nd best in breed. not bad, congrats Vladi !!

Daisy said...

Way to go, Vladi! You are a true star.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I have no idea where you are located, but I think you said you got your boys from a Washington Breeder, so I'm just wondering if this was the Sassy Katz show in Albany. If it was, I think it would be ironic as a miss informed Strayer made some rude comments about shows in general on her blog.

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Yes, we were at the Albany Sassy Katz show. >;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh ! the cat show pics are fun ! and what a showman that Vlad-star is. i hope you'll show more pictures of the event. we went to one recently but alas, NO bengals. maxcat