Thursday, March 20, 2008

Uschi's Inspects The Car

Uschi approached the parked car,
he had never shown an interest
in the car, until today.

This wheel looks alright,...

Time to check the hood.

The windshield looks good.

There is a foot print over here.

That is a nice looking reflection.

Hey, what is up here,...?

Hmmmm ??

This is slippery.

Ooooo, what is this ???
(this picture makes me dizzy)

This smells good, and

feels good on my ears.

mmmmm, maybe a lick,...

that antenna was yummy.

What else,...

"Daaaaaaaadddd !!!"

I think it is time for another adventure.

This is the first time Uschi has been on the car.

Maybe, it was because his mom put Tanji's purple harness
on him, by accident, things were just a little different this day.

Amazing how shiny the car looks,
it is four years old and has never been washed.

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Anonymous said...

That is one shiny car!

It's so cute when we get into our cars and see tiny pawprints all over the windscreen. But at least we know who is to blame, we only have one cat. You have a choice of three! :D

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I think Uschi wants to borrow the car keys.

It's good luck to have puddy paw prints on your car!

Pam said...

Uschi would make a handsome hood ornament!
Kinny and Tessa