Monday, March 03, 2008

Post Show Wrap-up

O.K. Vladi, you can stop posing now, the show is over.

We entered Vladi in a cat show for a few reasons. First, we wanted to have a day that was focused just on him, just like we have done for his big brothers in the past. His own "day in the sun" with all our attention and pampering. Next, we had the perfect opportunity to visit with Kelli and play with her beautiful stud boy Jungle Jack (who is already a Supreme show champion), and stunning little kitten Catalina (who won a best in kitten all-breed finals ring at the show!). We also dreamed that the show would be a good family bonding experience. Vladi is very independent and seems to enjoy sitting by himself in the kennel for hours at a time and then shows up all mushy when he is ready to play or eat. So, in a way, we do not know Vladi as well as Tanji who is always close by in petting range, or Uschi who is also always close by, but just out of arm's reach.

Well, we certainly got a chance to bond with our little Vladimir! He was mushy at the show, and once we got home, he was in high spirits...

Kelli had a gift for Vladi, one of the great "Hot Cats"
catnip treats that Uschi and Tanji usually monopolize.
But it was Vladi's special day (and night),
and he was large and in charge...

What's this?

Oooohhh it tastes good AND feels good...


Vladi keeps his show focus and flashes us his back "V"

Its been a long day, and Vladi is getting woozy.

He snuggles in for a nap.

In our household,
you have to keep an eye on your goodies...

Tanji has appeared next to the "abandoned" toy
(Vladi is sleeping nearby)

Yummy, this is pre-moistened!

Tanji watches Vladi wake up and come over.

Normally Vladi would not be that interested in
a toy, but this is HIS special day and HIS toy...


Tanji gets free, but Vladi goes for a low grab...

While they are rolling around, ...

Uschi grabs the really wet toy and starts licking too.

Uschi is a catnip toy connoisseur.

Hey, that's mine!

Vladi glares at Uschi, who decides he really
doesn't want it after all and walks away.

I love my toy!

Later, when I went to bed ...

Vladi crawled up next to me, on Lesley's side of the bed,
instead of going to his favorite towel nest in the bathroom.

Les slept on the couch with Tanj and Usch
(after all, this is Vladi's special day!) and
when I woke the next morning, Vladi
was still there, purring and kneading.

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Black Cat said...

What a darling little Vladi is! Oh, but not so little now. He seems to have enjoyed his special day:) xxx

Pam said...

Sleep tight Vladi, being admired all day long is hard work. Good Job!
Kinny, Tessa and Abby