Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 08

Where are my presents?

It's Christmas Eve and we dusted off the little Christmas tree
(that we leave up all year) and plugged in the Christmas lights.

The boys got all excited. Christmas is coming!

Uschi and Vladi nuzzle each other under the tree...

Tanji is mesmerized by all of the bright "toys."

T is thinking of being a bit bad, so he
gives himself a time out in the cat cup...

Good boy, Tanjimo!

Uschi is still looking for the presents...

Maybe they are underneath?

It's a tight fit for little V...

No presents under here!

Usch checks out Les' Christmas barrette.
Is that my present?

Mmmm, maybe not.

Its getting late and its time to turn on
the night lights and wait for Santa.

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