Saturday, December 06, 2008


Uschi's looking "thicker,"

Wooo Hooo

but he is still svelte.

Gallop, gallop, gallop.


in a blur

Sharp turn.


Hitting the brakes.

Wow, that was tiring,... I'm done.

Just kidding,...

Wooo Hoooo

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Anonymous said...

i love the last picture..!
i fell on ice and got a buised muscle. on my thigh... its so sore so i cant walk...
so im on looking at ur blog.
cool blo i might add. i have not been on in ages and it has the same cheeky boys on it!
mght be on 2 morrow.

Louche Tabby said... look like a rabbit in the first pic......

Everycat said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful cats!