Friday, December 26, 2008

Storage Space Maxed Out

We have maxed out our blogger
account's free picture storage space,
i.e. we can't currently upload any more pictures.

We have purchased more volume,
but our account hasn't been updated yet.

So, today we will post some pictures already uploaded.
All of today's pictures are from between our two snow storms.

"I guess you will just have to look at me,... then,..."

"Fine, I will cruise my way south,...

to the birch tree grove,..."

These trees are good for climbing.

South neighbor's Leyland Cypresses.

View to the east.

View to the west.

The clouds are dark,
but the sun poked through brightly.

and "our" Raptors soared overhead.

Uschi was in an exploratory mood.

Mmmmm ?

Tanji's ladder looks interesting.

"Tanji,... He's on your ladder,... !!!"

"Whaaaat ?!"


"I'm sorry"

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