Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Fun Part #2

I think this is for me.

We opened some presents this morning, but we like to spread out
the gifts to enjoy them all day long. After a great meal and
a walk outside (those photos will be up tomorrow),
we had more goodies to enjoy with the boys...

Vladi is ready with a big smile of anticipation.

Its a bag of new toys!!

Pink feathers for Uschi and lots of other goodies too.

Does Tanji look better with green? Or...

purple? He's handsome with anything.

We got more goodies too. A kitty runner...

and some towels that Uschi will snuggle up with.

The presents came wrapped with ribbons.
Usually we do not let the boys play with ribbons/string,
but we figured a little monitored play was O.K. today.

Can I really play with this?

Vladi looks unsure too, so we let him know its play.

What kind of parents would drape ribbons on their kitten?

Uschi doesn't need encouragement, he's in a playful mood.

Now we have paper and tissue spread out all over the floor.

Vladi knows what to do, scoot underneath and...

walk around dragging paper behind him.

Its been a big day, and the boys are getting tired.
They are licking each other and moving slowly.

Uschi falls asleep first, next to me on the couch.

Tanji is next, curled up next to Les on the couch.

But what about Vladi?

Vladi is hunting for mice in the bathroom,
hoping to get one more Christmas present.

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Louche Tabby said... must be secure in your Man-catliness to embrace the pink fevvers....