Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Fun Part #1

On Christmas Eve we cleaned the house and set up the tree.
We had to move things off the floor to vacuum,
including Uschi's scratching post...

Uschi defended his post from any interlopers.

Happy Uschi!

Tanji found something interesting under the tree...

So did Uschi.

I made Christmas Eve dinner

Les likes little things like; the smallest fork, spoon, cups, etc.
so when I make pancakes, she gets a special plate of little cakes.

Tanji was a lucky spot and got a mini pancake with butter & syrup.
We walked outside and enjoyed the drizzle and holiday lights,
and watched Christmas movies until it was bedtime.

Christmas morning we gave the boys breakfast
and headed into school to feed the fish
and water the greenhouses (a Christmas tradition).

When we got home,

the boys were pacing around,
ready to open presents.

Let 'er rip!

Les' Mom sent a little wind-up dog,
that makes yipping noises,
she loved when she was little.

We thought Tanji would run away,
as he is scared of the motorized pom pom toy,
but he is interested, very interested.

Actually all three boys thought this was great.

Feeling kind of nervous for the toy at this point.

Vladi kept patting it, trying to get it to play with him.

Les and I got goodies too, but the boys knew
they were all really presents for them...

What did we get Tanji?

Oh boy, ribbon!

Very helpful!

Vladi is busy kneading his new "bed" of tissue.

I got a gift card, which will probably go to
building something related to the boys >:-)

And pasta tongs that are good for playing,

and messing with Vladi.

Les and Uschi show off their new sweater.

And I'm trying on my new bike clothes.

All this excitement is wearing us boys out,
so all kinds of goofiness starts to happen...

Vladi gets his head stuck in a paper bag...

and also in wrapping paper.

T & U start a wrestling match...

and Vladi retreats to a safe spot to sleep.

This is all before noon, we still have Christmas dinner,
our walk with the boys (we have a surprise in store for them),
and more presents to open!

More to Come...

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