Saturday, May 05, 2007

Good Licking

Uschi loves his feathers, especially if they are
attached to soft fur and have catnip inside.

The "Da Fur Thing" is one of Uschi's favorite toys,
and this new one was not long for this world...

What's this?

Somebody likes me!!

The fur feels good in my claws...

Mmmm, tastes good too!

Licka, Licka

This is delicious!

I'm feeling a little woozy...
(Catnip is spilling out of a hole in the toy)

Crazy cat alert!

Why is my toy all wet?

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Anonymous said...

Shelby, our German Shepherd, loves to steal and demolish our kitties' feather 'n fuzzy toys! Everyone wants a piece of that action! ;o)

Daisy said...

Hahahaha! The fur got all wet! And then you got the crazy eyes! That was funny.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I guess we're going to have to get Da Fur Thing for Sam too. We took your cue and finally got him Da Bird and it is now the preferred toy by a long shot. Whenever we're anywhere near "his" cupboard where Da Bird is stored Sam yowls up a storm and then he paws at the door if we don't respond accordingly. And if he thinks we're headed in that direction he races out ahead of us. Sam's Da Bird has inspired some of the same super sky-high Bengal flying that you've captured in your pictures (something we haven't managed to do yet) and it's provided lots of entertainment for him, his parents and several of our visitors. So I guess we'll be making a trip to our locally owned neighborhood pet supply store to see if they also carry Da Fur Thing. (And I think that we may have to start buying Da Bird refills in bulk!)