Friday, May 11, 2007

Random Uschi Outside

The eyes of the tiger,...

watching the world,

from the shade.

Where are all my daisies ?

Peeking from the tall grass.

Did you see my stripe ??

Just in case you didn't,

here is another angle.

These rocks feel weird under my pads.

Over looking his little pond.

I could climb it !!


straight at you.

Mmmmm, lupin

smells good.

How did that tree get outside the fence ??

What should I do now ?

I guess I will just sit in the green grass
and watch the world around me.

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Daisy said...

Oh, the stripe down your back looks very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I believe that is a skunk stripe, Mr. Pepe Le Pew! And it is very pretty!

a fluffy feline friend said...

Hi Tanjiro & Uschi-Swirl! I just tagged you for the 7 Random Facts Meme. Visit my bloggie for the details.