Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dirt Trails

At first the boys were not to sure about all the roto-tilled "trails," but I went back and raked them smooth, rolled them, and put grass seed down on the sections that are part of our couple of mile walking trail network. Lesley put down 35+ lbs of native wildflower seeds on the other sections and also put in a veggi garden (27 different tomato varieties so far) on one of the strips that is near one of the new hydrants. For the past few weeks we have been out there, several hours everyday, hand watering the germinating seeds,...

It takes a long time to water the
approximately 2000ft by 8ft wide strip,

but Uschi is helpful.

Tanji checks out one of the new valve boxes.

Uschi heads to the grass to wipe off his muddy pads.

Tanji stops at the sight of the wet dirt.

then walks along the edge

before finding a dry spot in the shade.

Uschi heads off

inspecting the rest of the trail.

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