Thursday, May 31, 2007

Uschi's Wheel

Uschi spends many hours every day/night on his wheel.

Most of his time is actually spent relaxing,


and MEowingggggg !!!

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Daisy said...

That wheel looks fun! I'll bet you can run fast on that thing.

Anonymous said...

The second "hoop" for Sam's wheel is done and the joining of the hoops, via foot long pieces of 1/4-inch strips, is scheduled for this weekend if we can come up with the correct length of staples for the air gun. (Tom decided to add a fourth layer of the 1/8-inch strips to the hoops for additional strength.) And I think I've finally convinced Tom to build a box-like frame for the rollers and wheel to sit in for stability purposes.

Oddly enough, Sam is nowhere near as excited about the impending completion of the wheel as we are. ;-)

If you haven't already seen it, check out Richard Norton's video of the hanging wheel that he recently built for his outdoor kennel: (Richard could probably give MacGyver a run for his money.)

I'll bet Uschi would enjoy having a hanging wheel to use outside!