Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Celebrations of mothers date back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who each spring honored Rhea and Cybele, respectively. Ancient Christians celebrated Mary on the fourth Sunday of Lent and the English expanded on this commemoration to include all mothers.

Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis organized a “Mother’s Work Day” in the United States, as a way to raise awareness about poor health conditions of Appalachians. Upon her death, her daughter Anna Maria Jarvis, continued the campaign promoting “Mothers Day” for all mothers. In 1914 Woodrow Wilson signed the bill designating Mother's Day as a national holiday.

Soon, however Anna took up her campaign against “Mother’s Day,” feeling it was becoming too commercial. To no avail however, as Mother’s Day has become the busiest day of the year for restaurants with total expenditures, including gifts, expected to top $15.73 billion this year.

In honor of Mother's Day
we are taking a look back
at the brother's pre-blog adventures.
These are from May 7 thru 9, 2006,
the boys were only three months old.

After a brief nap,

Tanji wakes with a big smile, and

meets his first sweet potato.

The family heads outside
for one of our earliest outside adventures.

Mama's boy, and

Daddy's Boy,
from the beginning.

I'm cute !

I'm cuter !!!!

I'll show you,... Baby-Uschi Pounce !!


the family goes for a drive,...

Daaaadddddd, did you see thaaaattttt !!!

Back home,...

Tanji now meets strawberries,...

and finally,

the brothers nap.

Happy Mother's Day

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Daisy said...

Those are the cutest baby pictures, ever! Happy Mother's Day!

Emma's Kat said...

Hehee! You two are sooooo cute! I'm sure I've said this before, but it's so true!

Happy belated Mom's day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tanj & Uschi & humans ...... I've been very busy so I check on your gorgeous photos when I can. The boys are always entertaining. I make it a point to check after a holiday so I can see Lesley's delightful artwork. She is so imaginative and talented her art always brings a smile to my face! I love all her paintings. -- City Girl