Sunday, November 18, 2007

Family Tree

Let's get this painting started!

All of Les' Bengal cat paintings have been of our boys, or their family. An opportunity came up to paint other Bengal cats, and she decided to give it a try...

First, I made the panel, painted it,
and it passed the Tanjo taste test...

Then Uschi admired the gessoed white front.
"Is this going to be of me?"

Les sketched a tree the cats will sit on,
Uschi is close at hand to provide assistance.

Next, the background colors are painted in...

Clouds are added to a background that
tapers from periwinkle blue to a lighter aqua.
The ground is painted with a dappled light
pattern of greens and browns.

Next, the Bengals are painted in white,
and details are penciled in.

A leopard cat looks up at the Bengal cats
in the tree above.

"Wait a minute, those marbles don't look like me!"

The cat's background colors are filled in.
Tanji does not look impressed...

Little Vladi is looking (but not touching!)...

Facial details are developed...

"Family Tree" is almost finished!

Les has more details to add on the cats (whiskers, etc.)
and is debating whether to add bunches of
leaves to the ends of the branches.
The boys will help, as always!

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Anonymous said...

I love that painting! Really beautiful. Sarah