Thursday, November 01, 2007

Painting With Vladi

Lesley's painting hobby has basically
stopped since Vladi arrived home, because

as a Bengal kitten, Vladi is always ready to play
and knows how to get attention by standing
on wet paintings and pallets, or pretending
to drink out of the dirty brush jar.

"What are we doing now, and what is this?..."

That brush is moving,... it must be a toy,...

Vladi has an orange paw,...

and tail,...

and is ushered off to

the tub for a bath.

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Anonymous said...

NOOO! We love the paintings. That is why you have a kennel with a door that locks.

Anonymous said...

Love the site! Just curious: What temperature bath water do the kitties like best?

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Les admits that it is more fun to play with Vladi, as well as T&U, than to paint.

We are to soft to lock them out in the kennel.

We always leave a little water in the tub, just around the drain, because the boys prefer to drink out of the tub. As for "baths" they don't get them,... but for rinsing feet basically room temp is what they get. I would think they would prefer warm (not hot or cold) water if they were getting a bath.

Daisy said...

Painting is very, very fun! I think Vladi is a natural artist.

Unknown said...

It's called supervising. :-)