Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Baby Cat Birthday

Whose cake is this???

When Tanji and Uschi were little kittens we celebrated just about every month's birthday, and now its Vladi's turn. Today is Vladi's five-month birthday, and after only two months, the cute little rollie-pollie has all of us exactly where he wants us. Today started with Vladi sleeping curled up on Les, waiting for a sign of movement to begin his purring and kneading show. Then Vladi herded me into the kitchen, where he wagged his tail back and forth and sat on my feet until the canned food appeared. Next it was time to chase Tanj around, who jogged just slowly enough that Vladi could catch him every once in a while. Then Vladi visited Uschi to get licked before a good nap. This was all before 8 a.m., so you get an idea of how that family rotates around the baby cat. We wouldn't have it any other way!

Vladi, we have a cake for you...

Vladi does not look interested...

Where's my Fancy Feast?

Tanj and Usch check out the cake.

Tanji nibbles on the coconut topping.

Uschi licks the birthday boy instead.

Tanji and Vladi are blinking at each other...

and Vladi relaxes for another nap.

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