Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vladi Days

Vladi is

a "talker."

"WhaAaAatttt ?"

Prance, prance, prance,...

Bound, Bound,....


He likes to get onto

the picnic table.

Hi mom.

Who is that,... ?

It's Tanjiiii

Hi Tanj !!


Standing on the window sill next to the bed.

Glamour shot.

Still a baby,... "Meeeooowwww"

Staring at the sun,...

"The sun is in my eyes"

Still staring at the sun.

I'm ready to go home now,...

Back inside,...
he heads directly to the kennel

and climbs the post that is up
against the "bedroom" window.

I'm ready to go back outside.

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