Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Sleigh Ride
(8" x 12" acrylic on board)

(hold on Vladi, Tanji just saw the Da-Bird)

I woke this morning and looked to the east,
my eyes opened wide as I saw,...

the sky aglow.

I lept from bed, grabbed the camera, and rushed
out into the frosted dark morning.

The moon was still lighting the sky to the west.

Mary's Peak had received some snow during the night.

The Eastern sky reflected on the "Vernal Pond."

Note: I have not enhanced the colors of the sky, it was this amazing!
What a coincidence that Lesley's painting for today has a colorful sky.

I went back into the sleeping house and curled up on
the couch,... my excitement to head outside woke the
boys, who were now ripping around the house.

Tanji worshiped our new holiday night-light.

Through the darkness of the house I captured,

Uschi visiting the light too.

Later we opened a few gifts.

I've got this one,...

this one too,...

Tanji ripped around on the paper,...

Uschi went inside,... and

peeked out.

What is next ?

My turn to go under the paper,...

Get him Uschi,...

This paper-induced wrestling went on
for an hour or so.

What fun we have.

Merry Christmas !

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Karen Jo said...

That was a lovely sunrise. I'm glad you captured it. I love the night light. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

"Sleigh Ride" is adorable. And the sunrise was absolutely beautiful! Looks like the boys had a blast in the paper.

LZ said...

Merry Christmas to our most handsome Bengal friends! What a gorgeous sky!! And painting....wow!!!


Anonymous said...

stunning sunrise, super paper surfing by the boyz, but Lavs, no swim in the pond ?

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

The thought did cross my mind,... but I decided to head to the University pool today instead,... nice warm sauna after getting in some yardage. >;-)

Unknown said...

Lovely cats..both very handsome cats!

Meowy Christmas!