Monday, December 31, 2007

Fair Weather Vladimir

Our Weather has been cold (20s-40s F) for us,
and rainy (every day) for a least six weeks now.

Once Uschi is out, he doesn't seem to care if he gets
rained/snowed/sleeted, on,... he just strolls around

taking his time to look at and sniff whatever
catches his attention for the day.

Les and I have become "Oregon Weather Weenies."
We both come from colder climates but now when it dips
below 40 we get cold, and need to bundle up.

On the colder days, Tanji has even wanted to head home early.
He heads out and runs a "Tanji loop"... a set of trails,
heads to the woods, then straight for the door home.

Little Vladi gets all excited, running around
the house, in preparation to head outside.

I'm ready,...

V sits by the door looking out the cat windows.

Then it is time to be sure our attention is on him,..


Look at my belly,...

I'm cute,...

He seems ready to go,... but when the door opens, if it is cold,...
he will hesitate,... then slowly head out after his brothers.
After a few tree climbs, if given the chance, i.e. an open door,
he will shoot back home and refuse to come back to the
door. We can get him to come to the entry hall, but if
we try to reach down to grab him he will run off to the other
side of the house. Once he is inside where it is warm,
dry and "clean," he is happy to stay there.

Vladi shot indoors

I think I'll just watch

from my window cat tree,

safe behind these clean windows.

Come on Vladi, we can't have you running
around the house unsupervised wearing your
harness and dragging your leash.

It is then back outside for more

Standing still with Uschi.

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