Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tree Delivery

Recently we came up with a big-picture plan for our property's plantings. The perimeter will be 3-5 rows containing a diverse mix of conifers (currently 50+ different species, with many varieties and seed stocks of each species). The outside rows will be taller conifers with each inner row containing shorter and shorter "specimen" evergreen trees. Inside the conifers will be 2-3 additional rows of deciduous trees, (currently 40+ species), again stepping down in height. We've been picking varieties with varied form,
color, texture, seasonal interest, etc.

We have been planting and moving around LOTS of trees lately.

To get such a variety, we often order special sets of
little seedlings (that are more affordable), which

arrive in nice boxes for Uschi.

Oh BOY, what did we get !!

I think there are some little trees in here,...

mmmm, these smell good.

This looks like an Arizona Cypress.

Yup, it tastes like a cypress.

The trees are fun but nothing
beats the boxes and packing materials.

This box is just right for me.

Wooo Hooo, this box is fun.

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