Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"Swimming" Pond

We have been getting lots of rain!
So much so that the

Vernal pond filled with water.

Between down pours yesterday,
the boys went out and

Uschi spotted the full pond.

The weather was a balmy 48 degrees,
so of course

I had to

try out the pond, with

very shallow "dive."
(the pond is only a few feet deep)

Aaaaahhh, 40 degree muddy water.
Who is going to join me?

How about you Uschi ?

"DaaaAAdddd !!,...

I'm not sure about this"

Okay back to

dry land.

Thanks for bringing me back to shore.

When I dove in Tanji took off home,...

But soon came back fluff tailed and meowing.

Hi dad,...

Dad, you are crazy, that water is cold.

Are you guys coming in,... ?

With that,...

Uschi was gone,...

Tanji was right behind him.

Uschi showed good form,

but Tanji stayed close.

Are you ready for a swim now ?

Aaaaaa,.... not us.

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Anonymous said...

good form Lavs ! Getting ready for a triathlon ? I'm surprised the boyz didn't test the water at least.

Anonymous said...

don't their leashes get caught on stuff when they are running or climbing?

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

The boys rarely get caught on things, they seem to run pretty well dragging their leashes.

>;-) The next pond (west side) will be long & deep enough such that I can actually do some swim training in it. At least that is the dream.