Friday, December 21, 2007

Anniversary Eucalyptus

Today Les and I celebrated our 16th anniversary
and winter solstice,... somehow it just seems right to
celebrate on the darkest day of the year, >;-)

We spent some time out with the boys and
collected eucalyptus cuttings to enjoy inside...

Vladi was first on the scene and gave a deep sniff...

this smells familiar.

He may look like a little mischief-maker, but just
like his big brothers, Vladi is a good boy and just sniffs.
Most species of eucalyptus can be toxic,
so its not for nibbling

Uschi joins Vladi on the table...

and little Ferdinand starts sniffing too.

These two boys are getting more alike every day!

Uschi's ears are back: somethings up...

Uh-oh, here comes Tani...

What's this???

Tanji starts sniffing too.

It looks like Tanji wants to lick the leaves,
but instead...

He licks his Vladi for a while.

We put our gifts on the table,
Tanji gives them a good sniff too.
(Note the sophisticated gift wrapping >;-)

Let's get these open!!

What did we get boys?

Two-way radios to keep track of our little
kitten "herd" on our daily walks.

Yes Tanj, our first radio transmission
will probably have something
to do with corralling you!

Happy winter solstice!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy Solstice to you both and all three boyz. Felicitations for yr anniversary. May you have another 50 at least !