Thursday, December 27, 2007

Uschi Is Back

Vladi's arrival has been good for the big brothers.

Before Vladi came home,
Uschi seemed a bit frustrated with Tanji's
continual need to wrestle and play. He regularly
hissed and yelled at Tanji, then did his best to hide.

It took Uschi about 6 weeks to really accept Vladi
but now he is acting like a young buck again,
playing with Vladi and chasing and wresting with Tanji.

Often he is the instigator, making trilling noises while strolling
around the house before relentlessly chasing and pouncing
on his brothers, who love it by the way.

The pride roams,...

Vladi jumps on his big brother,... Uschi

U chews on V's head,...

Uschi looks for an opening to pounce,...

Uschi kept on attacking, and stalking Tanji

Uschi was quivering, ready to spring,...

Tanji is on the defensive,...


in a "Tanji-blur" a reversal is made.

Big brothers battle in the sun.

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Anonymous said...

We're glad you're back, Uschi, and with a big smile on your face!

Are Vladi's legs really that stocky? Wow!

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Yes, Vladi ("Podge") is stocky. He seems like his skeletal structure is going to be small but he is thick. His fur is very plush, so that might be a bit of the "stockiness." He is a big eater however. >;-) He is so huggable and a purring/kneading machine. His tail is amazing, thick and long.