Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Who's On MY Wheel?

Uschi was sleeping with "his" Santa pillow,...
(Yes, it is still out, and the "M" labels it as my childhood Santa pillow,
my sister's Santa pillow has a "J"

What is that noise?,... Who is on my wheel?

Is it Tanji?

Nope, T-grrr is asleep on the red blanket.

That means it must be "hiiimmm",...

Vladi happily strolls along on Uschi's wheel.

V like to walk both directions,...
(Uschi predominantly heads south, to the right)

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Bengal Lady said...

How cute! Little V is ambidextrous. Almost all of my kitties go to the right, as well.

Cdn Cat said...

I wondered about the direction. Any U tube videos I have watched all cats seem to go to the right. We finally finished building our cat wheel last weekend and when I put Cheetah on it for the first time he backed up and was running backwards till he finally made a mad leap outa there. Now I am just trying to get him to sit calmly on it with no movement till he get used to it. It's going to be a slow process.

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

I would love to see a picture of your wheel/design.

You might try using a feather want to entice Cheetah onto the wheel then use it as a "carrot" to get him/her walking slowly,... then it is just progression.

Keep us posted.

Cdn Cat said...

Cheetah's wheel is made totally from stuff hanging around the house...Plywood cut into a circle with bearings on both sides. Panelling for the running part, covered in carpet..all on a stand made of 2x4's. The only thing we had to purchase was a piece of shaft.
I spent the last few days just getting him used to sitting on it with no movement. Last night I actually got him to walk 2 revolutions with holding him lightly to keep him on it. I have a photo of it on my blog almost completed. More to come this weekend!

Kimmy said...

I want a cat wheel soooo bad. My girls loved the one they had at their breeder's house. Do want.