Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Open Field

Tanji went out stalking in the open field.

Vladi got all excited,

and chased after him,...
(V's ears are back, he is working hard)

he ran as fast as his little kitten legs would carry him,
but was soon far behind,

Long legged Turbo-Tanji.

Vladi came running back,...

Fluff tailed.

I just wanted to play with Tanji,...

Lesley scooped up the little sad puff-ball.

Who stinks ?

There goes Tanji,...

Out into the open field.

What are you doing out here by yourself ?

Les and her Tanji walk back.

I think mom has Tanji's leash,...

Vladi moves a bit closer to confirm,...


He is off,...

Tanji sees him coming, and flattens down.

Hi Vladi !!!

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1 comment:

Daisy said...

Poor little Vladi! Soon he will be able to keep up with the big boys.