Friday, March 28, 2008

TitanFlex Adoption

Thursday March 27, 2008
marked a major step in the long process
of the adoption of our newest family member,


I have been working closely for several months
with Airo-Series, Inc. to build me a new bike,
a TitanFlex ST-700c. This week we flew to

San Diego to pick-up "Airo-Steed."

This is the only photo you'll see of sunny San Diego,
because this trip was all about the bike and I had the
opportunity to ride in the ...

San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel

for an aerodynamic fitting.

I was able to pedal in the same place as...

Armstrong, Cancellara, Leipheimer, Miller, Hincapie,
Horner, Landis, Basso, Botero, Julich, Schleck(s), Popovych,
Newby Fraser, Fuhr, McCormack, Stadler, etc. etc.

Who have all made the pilgrimage to the San Diego Wind Tunnel
to enhance their position in order to maximize performance.

The goal is to dial in a position that
is the most aerodynamic, yet comfortable.


Lots of #s and imaging systems,
(a Lavs dream come true)

The crew was AMAZING !!

This is the propeller that creates the 25 mph+ winds.
(It can generate laminar wind speeds in the testing section
of up to around 250mph for low speed aero-space testing)

My friend Nate also went down
to test in the tunnel.

More to come on this new family member.
(when the boys meet "Airo-Steed")

This was the longest time we have ever been
away from the boys, two nights. We put out lots
and lots of dry food as well as several water bowls.

Upon returning home,...

Uschi and Vladi ran right over and expressed their
displeasure (with their ears) at being alone for so long.

Guys, that wasn't cool.

Tanji was angry with us,...

and ran out into the kennel,...

I don't want to talk to you,...

I mean it !!!

Just two of their many empty dry food bowls.
They must have eaten the entire time we were gone.

We gave the boys a feast right away, so

U & V got over our absence.

T was grumpy for a few hours,
but after a good walk and meal,
he is curled up next to us again.

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Unknown said...

Oh, man, I've seen those ears before! Remy and Rufus are not happy boys when I'm not there to lavish love and adulation on them.

Congrats on your Airo-Steed.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lavs
That is one cool piece of equipment. the test tunnel prop looks like a giant cat wheel : ) i hope you can get a bengal paint job tho...
good luck, and i'm looking forward to more Airo-steed pics.. maybe w/ the boys on it ? maxcat

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Do you ride that back outside, or does it stay on the little stand thing?

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Airo-Steed will be ridden rain or shine outside, as well as being mounted on an indoor trainer (CompuTrainer) as needed for indoor workouts.