Saturday, December 08, 2012

Bird Medley

When walking with the boys we see plenty of pretty birds,
mostly because of all of the kitty chattering and posing.

Birds of prey circle overhead...

A red-tail hawk gives us a closer look.

Chickadees are everywhere, all year, singing
Chick-a-dee-DEE-DEE-DEE whenever we get too close.

Tanji "helps" with the finch feeder.

The larger feeders attract acorn woodpeckers.

A mix of seeds for small and large birds.

Got one!

Our oak trees have thousands of acorns stored in holes and branches.

This fall some of the Dusky Canada geese returned from Alaska.

But no where near as many as last year.

Hopefully a pair of ducks will return this spring.

The birds are a constant reminder that life goes on...

 ..and then off into the sunset.

1 comment:

silvia said...

thanks for all these flying beauties and also for t-chan posing like.... a dressed horse! simply fabulous!