Thursday, December 20, 2012

O Christmas Tree

There are beautiful decorated trees everywhere,
here's one at a favorite restaurant.

 Even the grocery stores have rows of cute trees.

For years I've had this little tree I grew up with.  The lights have faded
and branches are missing, but it stays up all year.  This year I got
it in my head that we were getting a bigger tree.

Maybe a bright white tree covered in snow...

...medium size with lots of whimsical ornaments... every color of the rainbow.
 But we ended up with something even better.

A medium-size flocked green tree with cones and berries and
lights on a tip-over resistant base: $15 on clearance at Fred Meyer :)

This is new, different, and potentially edible.
Uschi tries a fake berry, he gets so excited...

 ...Vladi has to try it too.

 Meanwhile I'm busy decorating the tree with stars
(ornament hangers with red crystal beads, $1 at the Grocery Outlet!)

 After a year of collecting, I have the most amazing
Little love Letter Arts stars (thanks D!).

 They are twinkling and glittering like real stars.

This green and red Christmas star belongs at the top of the tree.

 Vladi is helping.  Hmmm, why is that pine cone dangling?

 This might explain why.

Vladi stop chewing on the tree!

 Luckily it doesn't taste very good.

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