Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Cheer

Ho, ho, ho, we must be infected with the holiday spirit...

Because that's a mall behind us!

There is something fun about being around so many people
bustling with energy and gift-giving frenzy.

The closer we get to Christmas, the more exciting it gets.

 A Hello Kitty tree, very pretty.

Our downtown area has wonderful shops to explore.

That's my Mom keeping me company.
Its time for hot chocolate and whipped cream! 

There are yummy treats and whimsical goodies everywhere, its
a holiday fantasyland, and a blast to share with someone special.

When back home, Vladi wants to immediately see what he got.

There has to be something in here for me!

A beautifully wrapped treat waiting at the gate (Thanks G!)...

This smells really good, let's get it open!

Fudge magically appeared and has just as quickly magically
disappeared (Thanks E!)

Christmas reminds me of a cooperative community art project;
everyone making things, decorating, sharing, singing,
and making something much bigger and better together.

Like this box of goodies Mark brought over (Thanks N!)
Whoa, let's snap more photos before it all disappears! :)

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Mom to Sam and Lila said...

Oh, and I think it should become the norm that we have decorative outdoor lights up all winter! For me it would go a long ways towards staving off effects of the darkness.