Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Legend-...(wait for it)...-ary!

It has been an amazing year, but today was especially legendary.

It started with a rarity: snow in the valley.

 The roads were slick, schools had late openings,
and the sky stayed stormy much of the day.

Mark and I both had medical appointments,
we have been developing a good friendship after a tumultuous year,
and today was a day to help each other out, and our family too.

I had a mammogram to check out a lump I found a month ago,
and it was good news, and it was doubly good because I finally
finished off the medications I used to need for migraines.
A day to celebrate!

So we saddle up the boys for a romp in the snow.

Its really chilly, extra sweater weather.

A break in the clouds, and the entire field glistens.

At first the boys just look out with us, the snow is cold on the paws.

Then its time to explore.

 Tanji looks up as the snow starts to fall again.

I'm lightening up a bit and having fun in the sprinkles.

A look of relief, its been a challenging year for my family,
and hopefully things will be settling down.

 Uschi stays pretty close to home...

 ...he is grumbling a bit about all of the white stuff.

Tanji checks the gate, the east pond, and everything in between.

Vladi is the biggest explorer today, making it to the south fence
before heading home, jumping from footprint to footprint.

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