Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Reindeer Games

 Christmas is time for play, and the boys know how to make it happen.

If we have a reindeer, T is it, just add the bells.

Over hill and over dale, down the country trail.

 A quick pause in the snowflakes before running home.

Passing the baton on to Uschi...

Uschi takes off running
(he didn't quite make this corner).

Zip, right up an oak tree.


 Chasing Vladi (V started it), the relay continues.

 Ears back, Vladi is streamlined for speed.

 Here he comes...

...and there he goes!

A shake of a wet mitten paw.

 Heading back down the trail...

Eager to go home to a good meal and cozy blanket.


silvia said...

these magnificient 3 made my day !!
when will reindeer t-chan get e red nose? ;)

Unknown said...

Eee, i love those pics! some real great shots of the boys!