Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

"Happy Brothers"

Its Thanksgiving, and we have a lot to be thankful for again this year. Despite a few scares, our families and friends are of good health and cheer. Every day is a good day for us. Last year our big event was Tanji and Uschi joining the family, and they bring us joy every day. This year Vladi has been an unexpected and wonderful addition to our family and we can't thank Kelli and Pat enough for sharing their home and their kitties with us.

When Vladi came home in September, he had a special toy that came with him: a favorite dragonfly on a wire. We put the toy in the "active" toy drawer, expecting to take it out when Vladi had a "bad day" and needed something familiar and special to cheer him up. Well, its November, and Vladi has yet to have a bad day. He's been super-healthy (knock on wood!), perfect with the litterbox, not damaged anything (other than the DaBird toy, but that's expected), been in good spirits with his brothers, is a very hearty eater, and just seems happy. The closest he's come to being really scared was his first trip outside on the harness. Even then, he recovered as soon as he rejoined his brothers. So his dragonfly toy has been waiting in the drawer, and we figured it would be the perfect Thanksgiving treat for the family...

We brought out the dragonfly as the family headed
outside to enjoy the beautiful Thanksgiving weather...

Tanji is instantly there, ready for action...

Oh boy, oh boy!

Tanji is sooo lean
(He always has a lot to choose from at dinner)

Uschi sees Tanji jumping and comes running...

Woooo Hooooo!

Happy Uschi gives the dragonfly a munch.

Tanj and Usch are pretty excited, and this attracts Vladi...

Whatcha' doing,... wait a minute... !!!

Is that MY dragonfly??

MINE !!!

Feet down, little Vladi!

Oops, missed it!

That's more like it.

All three boys are pretty excited...

Super-T takes off.

Get ready...

Go Usch, show them how its done!

Vladi is right in there, holding his own with the big boys.

Tanj and Vlad hunt together...

Check out that "little" belly!
(Vladi is a big eater and is much "thicker" than T&U)

The spotted brothers head to higher ground
to hunt the little dragonfly...

Get it Vladi! But look out...

Uschi is hunting from ground level!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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Pam said...

What a great Thanksgiving Day. Vlad is getting so big, in the pictures today it looks like he grew overnight.
Happy Turkey Day,
Kinny, Tessa and Abby

Starbuck and Torrey said...

WOW! Vladi sure is getting bigger everyday! I'm jealous! He's such a lovely kitten!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jenn said...

just discovered your blog and it's fabulous!!