Thursday, December 13, 2007

Biggest Litterbox ... EVER !

Now THAT'S a litterbox!

When Vladi came home in September, Uschi was a little perturbed (to say the least). We let Uschi have his own space by his exercise wheel, with a place to sleep, water, and a litterbox. Up until then, Tanj and Usch typically used their kennel litter area. When the boys settled down after a week or so, we tried to remove the extra litterbox, and Uschi responded with a few "Uschidents" that let us know that he liked having a convenient litterbox (that happens to be right in the entrance to our house). After about a month, Tanji decided he liked the inner litterbox too (it has been cold and wet outside in the kennel), and Vladi decided he liked it better than his bathroom litterbox. So, all of a sudden the litterbox was getting a LOT of use, and each boy had problems with the box itself. Uschi barely fit into the 18"x12" box, since he does not like to touch anything but litter, so the box was too small. Tanji sometimes forgets to squat, so the ~12" deep box was barely deep enough. Vladi likes a perfectly clean litterbox (he's known to re-arrange the litter a bit after the big boys do their thing), so the box was getting dirty too quickly. This all added up for a need for a bigger litterbox. We headed to K-Mart, and ended up with an "Afgan Storage" bin with the whopping big dimensions of 31 inches long, 13.5 inches wide, and 13 inches deep. Right away, the boys knew the box was for them...

What did you get us?

Uschi loves boxes and is the first one in, as usual.

Vladi wants to play too.

Uschi tried the "if I lick you, will you leave?" ploy,
while Tanji paced along the perimeter...

"Are you still here?"

We added litter and Vladi jumped back in
to try it so fast, we didn't even get a picture!

Tanj is next, the box meets with his approval too.
(Note all of the litter on the floor, a hazard
from the previous smaller box).

Uschi is not sure at first, and has some trouble getting
in and out at of the box, since its bigger than he's used to,
but soon he is in love with his new mega-box.

It is also smooth sided and bottomed for easier cleaning.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea, guys! We might not see Sam for a long time if we got him a box that big. He could spend days "digging to China" or moving the litter from one end of the box to the other and back again. Then again, with all the World's Best Cat Litter™ (aka the World's Most Expensive Cat Litter) that we wouldn't have to vacuum off the basement floor we'd probably save a fortune. ;)


Pam said...

I noticed my Bengals seem to need a bigger litter box than other cats I have had. I use the 50gal blue rubbermaid tote with a lid and cut a hole in the end big enough for the cats but small enough our big dogs can't go for a snack. (Yuck!) The solid blue plastic and the lid give the cats a sense of privacy and hide the kitty business from me and vistors. They prefer it to the open litter boxes I had place about the room, so that all I use now.
Kinny, Tessa and Abby

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

It is pretty funny with the clear box,... whenever someone is in the box, the other brothers sit on the outside and watch. A big enclosed box might be a good idea ! 50gal, We will have to look into that. If we can keep some of that litter in the box the better. >;-)

chiropollock said...

Moe is such a great litter kitty. With a hich sided box we have no problems and he never complains when I forget to empty it. My last cat was METICULOUS about her box and she would stop in several times a day to tidy it up.

Jodi said...

Love this idea. Especially the tall sides. Keeps litter from being kicked out onto the floor. Now fill it with Green Tea Leaves litter and you have easy clean up as the litter is flushable without harming your plumbing. Easy, eco-friendly, and smells great.