Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dr. Evil Picks A Sidekick

We just finished our summer teaching,
so I figured I would try something I've never done,
I shaved my head smooth.

The new look requires an evil sidekick.

This one has some Vladi-tude,...

This one is squirmy,

With a lot of fight in him.

But this one has an evil spirit,...

I think you are the one.

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Anonymous said...

woo-hoo, Lavs -- that is a stunning do ! let's see how long it is before some furry tries to lick it for the salt ! i like it ! keep it.

Anonymous said...

sorry has been banned from laptop 4 ages!!!your post on Friday, August 08, 2008
about wearin fleeces is bad. brr!
but over here in ireland it has been thunder ligthining and floods. and i mean floods! torrental rain! the water covered cars and flooded the tunnel 2 belfast! im lucky. i live in a hill in derry and had sand bags put dog brought in and the stray cat in my garden. just got it i with out being scrathched. it in our loft/attic with food and water.
its been 2 the vets and got its crown jewels took away and is put on lamp post every were. FOUND!oh! 4 got 2 add my dog is gettin netured 2 but im also gettin a PUPPY! but its only a maybe now but my uncles dog gave birth 2 peedagree springer spaniel pups! 6 dogs 3 bitches! i found out yesterday the bitches are bagged and already bought. my mum wants a bitch 2 breed but there all gone. lookin at rainbow shelter and like da new look. slick and no bats in ur hair! LOL! all the news in a super long comment.
slan from ireland ! elena
sorry bad spellin. rush mum out at work and banned from laptop still!

Anonymous said...

"I shall call him, 'Mini V'"