Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vladi Needs a Handbag

We have heard of some celebrities carrying around their little
dogs in a handbag and are pretty sure Vladi would love this.
If we leave a paper bag on the floor...

Vladi jumps right in...

Waiting to go for a ride.

I grab the corner securely and lift
(he doesn't weigh very much, this might not work for Uschi).

Back and forth, I carry the bag around the room,
and Vladi seems to be mesmerized.

Are you O.K. little guy?

I'm fine Dad, let's play handbag some more!

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1 comment:

Siena's Mom said...

My bengal, Siena, just loves her cloth shopping bag rides, too! But, we've taken it one step further - she loves it when we (gently) slide the bag across the smooth hardwood floor. We call it kitty skim-boarding! Love to all!