Monday, August 04, 2008


Uschi is our most "challenged" boy,...

He howls and howls on the wheel, it can be real frustrating.

We just recently realized this often means that he has to
go to the bathroom. It is kind of funny now that
we know what is going on, even though he is
extremely LOUD!!! He will yell and yell and YELL,

"DAAAD,... I feel funny,...
My belly feels strange,...
I feel kind of tingly,...
MOOOM!!! "

then he jumps in the litter box and all will be well.

Usch is so "special" >;-)

He also likes to tinkle in stray boxes to supplement his
special king-size specialty-litter box and
now his favorites are unmanned plastic containers,...

Yes, leave a container on the counter and

USCHI !!!!

(he has amazing aim ... just in the containers)

Whaattt ?!!!

Outside,... the family was watering trees
Tanj and Vladi happily chasing the water,...

"DAAAD,... I've got that feeling again."

Well go ahead,...

Uschi backed up to one of the little trees and


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Anonymous said...

Haha that is so funny! And gross, at the same time. :P

It's yet another thing to remind you to never use any bowls or utensils that have been sitting out overnight. Cats do some crazy stuff.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha... and there was not a plastic tub in sight ! not gross, just what kitties dooo