Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This Water Tastes Best

The boys have multiple water sources, but Tanji always prefers water from Les' glass. When a fresh glass is placed on the ledge behind the couch, Tanj will start to pace along the ledge, stalking the water. Sometimes if Les is actually drinking from the glass she will shoo him away, and Tanj will lurk in the windowsill above and return when its his turn...

The water level is pretty low, so Tanji has to feel where it is.
This usually results in a little shaking paw shower for everyone.

Tanji squints his eyes closed,
he knows his head just fits in the glass.

Almost there...

This is what tongues are for!

Once Tanji has had enough...

He gets all happy and mushy.

Thank-you for the water!

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