Friday, August 08, 2008

Opening Ceremony

We are BIG Olympics fans.

We first started "dating" during the
1992 XVI Albertville Olympic Winter Games
and spent many hours watching those games together.

Since then we have:

Named pet rats Nagano, Zenkoji, Lizuna Kogen, and Hakuba,
(1998 XXVIII Nagano Japan Winter Olympics venues)


Both had the honor of being torch bearers
for the 2002 XIX Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games.

The 2006 XX Turin Winter Olympics were underway while
Tanji and Uschi were just a few weeks old and not home with us yet.
Hmmmm, our favorite biathlete is Uschi Diesl.... Hmmmm...

Our Olympic flag has been waiting safely in storage.

Today, it was prepared for outside installation,
the boys had to investigate...

Tanji, don't you dare kick-pickle a flag!!

We spread the flag out, and it is still in great shape.

Tanji, no walking on the flag either!!

As this is Vladi's first Olympics,
and since he did not wake us up today
at 3-4 am. (Uschi !!!) or 5-7 a.m. (Tanji !!!),
he was nominated as our flag-bearer kitty.

I start hanging the flag on the gate,
while Les holds on to Vladi nearby.

(Yes, we are wearing fleece and its August!)

Vladi is not supposed to be near the gate, so
he is a little nervous and I put the flag up quickly.

Les hugs Vladi and shows him the flag.

Vladi takes a good look...

its time to head back home.

Later, the family watches the Beijing opening ceremonies.

Just a side note,... Lesley made the push to get the
"Big TV" the month before the XXVIII Olympiad - Athens.
(Summer 2004)

Yes, I'm a lucky guy. >;-)

Let the games begin!

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