Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Garland Game

I thought it would be fun to put a bright garland on the TV
and found this holographic glitter one on sale...

All three Bengals are pretending not to see it...

Vladi is the worst at pretending, he takes a few swipes.

Uschi is the master, he can wait for a long time until no one is
looking, even facing the other way and pretending to nap.

As soon as I turn my back, the garland is on the ground.

The victor and his prey.

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Mom to Sam and Lila said...

Lila is the queen of this kind of activity at our house. I put the quilted Christmas runner and a tray on the table in the living room in preparation for bringing the tree in the house only to find them on the floor when I arrived with the tree. Anything left hanging within Lila's reach may be pulled down depending on her level of boredom. Even though our neighborhood cat care kid comes twice a day to feed and entertain Sam & Lila when we go away for a weekend it's almost a given that we'll find at least a towel or two, and maybe more, on the bathroom floor when we get home...sigh.